One App, One Tap


This campaign brings together all the energy and excitement of live sports, fan favorite ESPN hosts, and the electricity of our rapper {Chika} with her artistic panache.

This is the new world of sports and no one does it better than the ESPN app.

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Silver Clio Music Award
Bronze Statue/ Clio Sports/ Film + Craft
Behance’s Motion Graphics Showcase

BSSP, 1st Ave Machine Buenos Aires

Celebrity Feature: Chika

One App, One Tap︎︎︎2.0


The world asked for it, and so we delivered. A  2.0 version of the One App, One Tap Campaign. This year we partnered with the Puerto Rican urban pop duo, Domino Saints. In this new world of sports, we wanted to highlight diversity, inclusivity, and female empowerment. 

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ESPN’s hispanic audience composition grew 41% YoY within the campaign window
Behance's Motion Graphics Showcase

Celebrity Feature: Domino Saints

One App, One Tap︎︎︎ 3.0


Do I really need a writeup here? I think you get it.

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Gold Clio Sports/ Film + Craft 
Gold Clio Sports/ Animation
Gold Clio Sports/ Film + Craft
Silver Clio Sports/ Copywriting

Celebrity Feature: BIA