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Popeyes Campaign, McKinney Agency
New Orelans don’t make a lick of sense to most people. A big city built below sea level that throws logic out the window and beads to strangers. Popeyes chicken ain’t no differrent. A fastfood restaurant that sells chicken that takes 12 hours of marination? Hand-flipped 20 times? That makes no sense, but it does make delicious. All in all, Popeyes chicken is too good to make sense. Complimented with a new campaign to show for it.

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Branding + Social Look and Feel
The Don’t Make Sense Campaign still remained focused on the existing look and feel for Popeyes, but slightly tweaked to lean into the campaign tone. To push the senelessness, we turned their signature logo upside down and played with other elements that normally Popeyes wouldn’t put together.

This look and feel has a touch of New Orleans flare, along with a spunky quirk that brings some fun to the brand elements.